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The Politics of Sacrifice

I have just guest posted over on the Political Theology blog: Various myths have been forged to account for the foundation of nations, not only in stories such as those of Romulus and Remus, but also in the famous myths … Continue reading

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A Biblical Gender Essentialism?

In response to my previous post on the importance of a masculine priesthood, someone raised the question of whether, by seeming to ground male-only priesthood upon the association between masculinity and martial virtues, I was risking ‘essentialism’, neglecting to note … Continue reading

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Why a Masculine Priesthood is Essential

My thoughts about feminism, equality, and authority have provoked a considerable amount of controversy. Beyond the original discussion that sparked this off (about a month ago now), many comments have been left beneath Andrew’s post. My own post from yesterday … Continue reading

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Feminism, Equality, and Authority

My good friend and member of the Mere Fidelity crew, Andrew Wilson, unwittingly entangled us in a bit of an online controversy earlier today (I have it on good authority that it registered between a brouhaha and an apocalypse on the online … Continue reading

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Podcast: Made for More, With Hannah Anderson

On this week’s Mere Fidelity podcast, Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, and I are joined by our special guest, Hannah Anderson. Hannah, who blogs at Sometimes a Light and tweets here, is the author of the book Made for More: An Invitation to Live in … Continue reading

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Open Mic Thread 10

The open mic thread is where you have the floor and can raise or discuss issues of your choice. There is no such thing as off-topic here. The comments of this thread are free for you to: Discuss things that you … Continue reading

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Podcast: And Who is a Person?

The latest Mere Fidelity podcast has gone online. This week, Matt Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, and I are discussing chapter 4 of Oliver O’Donovan’s Begotten Or Made?, which focuses on embryo research, and the question of who is a person. We begin … Continue reading

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