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N.T. Wright on Heaven and Earth, Male and Female

N.T. Wright recently made some controversial statements in opposition to same-sex marriage. He begins his argument against same-sex marriage by observing the dangers of the sudden and prescriptive redefinition of key terms, remarking upon examples of extensive attempts to transform … Continue reading

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The Politics of Pentecost

I’ve posted over on the Political Theology blog again, this time on the politics of Pentecost: The Church created at Pentecost is a dramatic contrast to the project of Babel and all attempts to repeat it. Rather than gathering all … Continue reading

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Podcast: Is there a ‘Moral Orthodoxy’?

This week’s podcast has just been posted and we have a new name: Mere Fidelity (thanks to Jordan Ballor). This time around Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, and our guest Matt Lee Anderson are discussing whether there is such a thing … Continue reading

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Casting Across the Pond

A few days ago I joined with two of my favourite fellow bloggers, Derek Rishmawy and Andrew Wilson to start a podcast conversation, with participants on both sides of the Atlantic. The first podcast, a thirty-five minute discussion of the uses … Continue reading

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What’s a Good Question?

I’ve already linked to this post on my Delicious account (you can see the latest five links in the sidebar, or follow the Twitter account where I post my links). However, as it is such a superb post, I wanted … Continue reading

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The Value of Arguing Without Changing Our Minds

Derek Rishmawy just posted a great Oliver O’Donovan quotation over on his blog (from the superb Self, World, and Time: Ethics as Theology Volume 1, which I have also been enjoying lately), within which O’Donovan observes the benefits of arguing even when … Continue reading

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Death Before the Fall

Over on Jesus Creed, RJS asks about death before the Fall. Following Ronald Osborn, she suggests that the place of death within the creation is a problem, especially for those who take Genesis literally. As death is supposed to arise … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the World Vision Debate

The following are various thoughts on the recent World View USA brouhaha. The bitter disagreements that have been played out over the last few days have, with a few exceptions, followed familiar and predictable patterns, with the various antagonists performing … Continue reading

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Remarks on New Testament Authorship

The Thirsty Gargoyle, whom I had the privilege of meeting in person last year, has some helpful remarks on the question of New Testament authorship. Take a look.

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Is N.T. Wright in his Right-Mind?

Scot McKnight’s recent reference to it has reminded me of N.T. Wright’s treatment of right brain/left brain dichotomies in his treatment of readings of the Apostle Paul, especially as they relate to his use of the Old Testament. This isn’t … Continue reading

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