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Stabbings in the Bible

I have long been fascinated with biblical accounts of stabbing. As a young child, my two favourite Old Testament stories were 1 Samuel 5 (Dagon and the Ark of the Covenant) and Judges 3:12-30 (Ehud’s stabbing of King Eglon). Somewhat … Continue reading

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How Our Reading Can Muzzle Scripture

Earlier today, Mere Orthodoxy posted a guest post of mine entitled ‘The Dangers of Appealing to Personality Types’. Within it, I engage with a recent piece by Morgan Guyton, ‘Why English Majors Make Lousy Fundamentalists’ (also crossposted on Jesus Creed). … Continue reading

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Why We Should Be More Sceptical of Myers-Briggs

Mere Orthodoxy (which you really should be following) has guest posted a piece of mine entitled ‘The Dangers of Appealing to Personality Type’. Within it I make a case for a sceptical approach to personality tests such as Myers-Briggs. Everyone … Continue reading

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Can Evangelicals See Themselves in the LGBT Movement?

Over the weekend I was invited to contribute a piece to the Christ & Pop Culture site. I wrote a short article interacting with a recent Rod Dreher post, which you can read here. Within it I argue that there … Continue reading

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Response to Hannon on Heterosexuality

Over on Mere Orthodoxy, Matthew Lee Anderson has written a helpful response to Michael Hannon’s recent First Things piece ‘Against Heterosexuality’. I read Hannon’s piece over a week ago and had a number of concerns about it when I did … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Stories

Earlier today, Derek Rishmawy posted a piece entitled ‘My Evangelical Story Isn’t So Bad (Or, a Ramble on Experience, Biography, & Theology)’. Within it he discusses his generally positive experience of growing up as an evangelical and how this colours … Continue reading

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Why Religious People Are Ashamed of Porn

Marc over at Bad Catholic has a great post discussing the claim that religious people’s shame destroys their experience of sexuality. Discussing the relationship between the fact that religious people feel more shame about pornography yet supposedly have greater enjoyment … Continue reading

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Review of K. Scott Oliphint’s ‘Covenantal Apologetics’

Over on The Calvinist International, my friend Joseph Minich has written a long and thoughtful review of K. Scott Oliphint’s recent book, Covenantal Apologetics. Within the review Joseph engages critically with presuppositional apologetics in the Van Tillian tradition. Here is … Continue reading

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Holy Trinity Brompton and the New Form of British Evangelicalism

Andrew Wilson has a fascinating post on his blog on the subject of the ‘new centre of British evangelicalism.’ Within it he argues that, while there are parts of British evangelicalism that are not within the ambit of its direct … Continue reading

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Hear Me Out: On Sitting Through Sermons

Donald Miller recently admitted to attending church irregularly. Church services really don’t scratch him where he itches: singing leaves him flat and he doesn’t learn much from sermons. He argues that he is not alone in this, suggesting (controversially) that … Continue reading

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