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The Future of Protestantism

  Last year, Peter Leithart wrote a provocative piece entitled ‘The End of Protestantism‘, which provoked considerable discussion in many quarters. A couple of evenings ago, the Torrey Honors Institute, First Things, and the Davenant Trust collaborated to arrange a debate between … Continue reading

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Links 20 – 21/12/13

1. 9. Evil and the Absence of Truth; 10. The Serpent’s Lie; 11. Excuses, Excuses; 12. Sexual Desire and Justice 2. Church is Mission 3. Inheritance of the Spirit 4. Augustine on War 5. God in Man, Man in God … Continue reading

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Links 19 – 17/12/13

1. 1. When Creation is Not Good; 2. Male and Female; 3. The Biblical Logic of Otherness; 4. The Animal With Logos; 5. “And It Was Very Good”; 6. The Fruit of Wisdom; 7. Adam’s Silence; 8. Adam and Ahab … Continue reading

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Links 9 – 5/10/13

Links for the week. 1. IVF: ‘Where’s All That Grief Going?’ 2. Brain Scans of Porn Addicts: What’s Wrong With This Picture? 3. Lost to the Ages: The Legacy of Myst 4. Deliberation, Obedience, and Scripture – Another superb O’Donovan … Continue reading

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Links 7 – 21/9/13

Links post for the week. As usual, these are linked as stimulating grist for the mill or sources of amusement: I have key disagreements with a number of the pieces below. 1. All Technology is Assistive Technology 2. A Guide … Continue reading

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Links 1 – 10/8/13

It has been a long time since I last produced a link post, so I thought that it would be worthwhile to do one again. This time, I will be posting most of the links without any comment. Very few … Continue reading

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Please, Everybody, Let’s Not Dance Now

A few days ago, this video of a flash mob wedding dance went ‘viral’. The wedding dance video is already an established genre for the Youtube generation, most famously represented by the ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance’: this is just the … Continue reading

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Links and Jottings 2

Having a lot of half-formed thoughts prompted by various articles in my mind at the moment, I thought that I would quickly post a few of them here, along with some interesting links. 1. David Brooks writes about the crisis … Continue reading

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The Juvenilization of the Church

via Dr Jim West Does anyone have any thoughts on his thesis?

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Jeremy Begbie on Theology Through the Arts

Via Daniel Stoddart. Well worth watching. I have long been a fan of Jeremy Begbie. During my time in St Andrews he delivered one of the best sermons I have ever heard at St Salvator’s Chapel. I highly commend his … Continue reading

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